It’s been three years since the start of a wonderful friendship between Go Satta and Emerald & Doreen. And ever since it’s been a crazy trip and an unstoppable, never ending output of beautiful pop music for the perfect road movie. Detroit-born Mo Love and Londoner Phoenix Love have found their musical muse in one another, and keep making waves with their unique sound. Mo’s pure pop voice beautifully complements Phoenix` groove-heavy cinematic soundscapes. Combining real instruments with cutting edge electronics, they create a futuristic fusion of disco, electronica, dub, and funk. Over time Go Satta has proven to have a amazing handle on remixes as well, turning many of Emerald & Doreen favorite songs into polished pop diamonds. Crazy Trips provides a collection of the best remixes created by Go Satta until today, featuring all essential Go Satta ingredients, from dub to soul to synth pop to indie to disco. We are sure there will be many more to come.