San Francisco artist and Roam Recordings label boss JP Soul aka Jason Peters returns to Emerald and Doreen with his EP ‘In Memory Of’. The EP features two original tracks from the artist. “Chester Lake” is a cosmic and hypnotic tune inspired by the lake pictured in the cover photo while ‘Paper Sheds and Dirt Roads’ is an acid house track that gets its name from stories of his father’s hometown in Missouri.

The EP also comes with three excellent remixes. Mexican production duo Los Fugazzi takes on “Dirt Roads and Paper Sheds” and gives it the chug treatment while the remix from Amsterdam duo The Shamaniac Movement moves the track into dark psychedelic territory. The Disco Chillio remix rounds out the EP with a tight discofied version of Chester Lake.

With releases on Meant, Nein, Logical, La Dame Noir, Roam, and of course Emerald and Doreen along with several noteworthy dj mixes for the likes of XLR8R, Death by Repetition, and Cosmic Capers Radio, and a Europe tour planned for September, 2017 is turning out to be a big year for JP Soul. The “In Memory” EP is a fine offering from this artist with a lot of momentum. Combined with the three diverse remixes this EP has a lot to offer for any dance floor.