Warning! This is a rock album! Speedy, Dirty, Noisy, Very Noisy, Loud! Very NYC but with a Russian sense of lyricism and a Japanese sense of sophistication. It’s unique, it’s sweet, it’s raw, it’s fun, it’s old school, it’s modern, it’s nostalgic, it’s feedback, it’s reverb, it’s Shoegaze, it’s Punk, it’s Rock’n Roll, it’s KICK A** !

The Dayoffs is a collaboration of Vladimir Komarov and Atsuo Matsumoto. They met at legendary Stratosphere Sound Studios, NYC in 2012, when Vladimir was tracking down for one of his project and Atsuo happened to be engineering the sessions. Soon they teamed up to produce a bunch of records. Always busy working on other people’s music, Vladimir and Atsuo (incidentally born on the same day) recorded some instrumental improvisations during studio downtime. When the duo realised they had enough ideas for a debut LP, they chose to call themselves The Dayoffs (from constant lack of studio time for their own music) and set about completing the record.
The video for the lead single off the album, State of Madness, was shot by a prominent Russian movie director and cameraman Fedor Lyass.

Vladimir Komarov – pioneer of Russian shoegaze and indietronica. Musician, sound producer, DJ, journalist. His Russian music projects ‘Hot Zex’ and ‘Punk TV’ became staples of the nascent Russian indie rock scene and were well-received abroad.
Atsuo Matsumoto – Japanese musician and sound engineer, current member of Andy Chase’s Camera2 band.
Ex-EMF James Atkin debut album ‘Country Mile’ and ‘Voshod’ by Russian post-punk heroes Manicure are part of Vladimir and Atsuo production team’s work catalogue.

Watch the Style of Sound premiere: https://styleofsound.com/video-premiere-dayoffs-next-nothing/