8 diverse remixes for the score of the Mystery/Horror movie Thief Someday You Will Pay are now available. otooto22 (Yuta Ouchi) from Japan made a loop from a sample of Darkness Beyond and added sounds like click glitch and cutups. Kay Barton from Heidelberg made a Dance House piece out of Moods 1. go nogo moves straight into 70ties style midtempo funkysoul that sounds like Bobby Womack has met LCD Soundsystem. Mannheim based DJ and producer LOOM added Techno creepers from outer space reaching out to your brain.

Noise is Silence is Noise helped The Pale One to become more mysteriously and strange. The experimental HipHop duo Integral Breaks from Leverkusen create dopebeats and soundscapes for Silent Observer by the use of analogue hardware samplers. Followed by Geargrinds Darkness Beyond not remixed but totally covered on analogue synthesizer hardware. The final chapter comes from Japans DJ Hitch (Hisano Michiya) who took a walk with a can of beer after a long night while recording the environmental noise. Back home he started the Moods 2 Island remix using analogue equipment and a laptop.