“The bass makes the music” Bobby O

We are music lovers. Our flats are full of vinyl: indie, disco, italo, hip hop, synth wave, house, psychedelica, electro, space. On our label Emerald & Doreen Recordings we release nice songs and great remixers. Genres do not matter, only awe-inspringity counts.

Our label name comes from street slang words for extremely amazing girls (definitions from UrbanDictionary.com):

1. Emerald

“A wonderful, talented and brilliant gem. Her keen sense of what’s going on in the world, will keep you interested. Although her social skills aren’t always the best, you can count on her being loyal always. She has a deep understanding of people and her surroundings. Emerald’s are often multi talented, extremely intelligent and beautiful to say the least.”

2. Doreen

“One of the most confusing, interesting girls out there. Careful.”

3. Emerald & Doreen

“Super Epic Goddess. Nothing but Emerald and Doreen. The most epic-est goddess-like people you’ll ever meet in your life. BOW DOWN NOW… OR LIVE IN FEAR… FOREVAAAAA”

Contact: promo @ emerald-and-doreen . com


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