Emerald & Doreen Recordings is a German record label for futuristic indie, chill & dance music
Our Rocket From Russia: Hot Hot Hawk

Our Rocket From Russia: Hot Hot Hawk

Known as a great nation of space travellers, there is no doubt that one of the hottest new nudisco acts from Russia will rise like a rocket. Hot Hot Hawk’s „Space Traveller“ feat. PASHA has all there ought to be in terms of catchiness, inventiveness and sytle. Sasha Butakov and Ilya Potapov  have already succeeded...
Sweeping the Italo Floor: The Sweeps

Sweeping the Italo Floor: The Sweeps

Italo-fueled Disco is more than ever present and alive since The Chromatics contributed the Original Soundtrack for the Movie “Drive”. If “Italians Do It Better”, The Sweeps put that claim to the test. Kristina Brodowski (Vocals and Moog), Niels Wesner (Synths and vocals) and Christoph Duwe (Synths and backing vocals) hail from Hamburg, a place...
Tabro and Yardley ...serious Englishmen?

Tabro and Yardley …serious Englishmen?

Chris Yardley and Steve ‘Tabro’ Taylor – Two old friends from Coventry UK with common interests and a passion for music got together in 2009 to make dancefloor orientated tracks. Strong influences from both sides of the partnership stem from techno, deep house, disco, slo mo…and a long history of residencies around their hometown has...
Bom dia! from Felipe Sá

Bom dia! from Felipe Sá

This time, it’s the drummer’s time! Felipe Sá’s impressive live-band performance explodes just after 8 bars of introduction with a fill on the snare. From then on, he grooves on a funky beat that adds a lot of chops to the bones of a distinct bass-figure. Felipe’s unique take on “Good Morning” is an extended...
C.Love's offers a "Good Mourning" with her dungeon remix for go nogo

C.Love’s offers a “Good Mourning” with her dungeon remix for go nogo

Chained to the mirrorball, Mrs C.Love is a voluntary slave to slow motion mixes and hidden sounds. By adding a lot of spooky effects and delays to the stems of go nogo’s “Good Morning”, she creates a mysterious and eerie vibe. Her rendition of the song is a bat cave reprise of the original and...
The Artist Formerly Known As Fred Scholl

The Artist Formerly Known As Fred Scholl

Having worked as a drummer in various bands, going on international DJ-tour with The Vienna Scientists and finally producing tracks for The Robot Scientists, it was subsequently time for Fred Scholl to come out of the closet into the limelight indeed. Before he moved to Berlin, the insatiable musician fineshed some tracks which underwent a...
Spain’s finest Rayko and Ilya join the „Movement“

Spain’s finest Rayko and Ilya join the „Movement“

Already announced and now confirmed: Our favorite Spanish DJs and producers go for it: go nogo’s “Movement” boasts two stunning remixes by Rayko and Ilya Santana. Rayko, well-known for his insatiable thirst for editing lost gems and classics from the vaults of 70s Disco has remixed such acclaimed artists like Silhouette,
Toomy Disco,
Marbeya Sound,
Space Ranger and...
Alexander Robotnick "Can You Hear Me?" TRS Remix released

Alexander Robotnick “Can You Hear Me?” TRS Remix released

After having the honour of Mr. Alexander Robotnick remixing ‘Black Hole’ by The Robot Scientists feat. Lisa, the Robots took their revenge on the maestro’s classic tune “Can You Hear Me?”. They remodelled the original to a “super heavy, pitch-black electro-disco crushing remix, tailored for outdoor festivals” (beatsandbeyond.com). It has been released by Hot Elephant...
Previews for first E&D release: The Robot Scientists ft. Lisa - Black Hole (Out 23rd of March)

Previews for first E&D release: The Robot Scientists ft. Lisa – Black Hole (Out 23rd of March)

We are so proud and happy you cannot image to be able to present you the previews for the remixes of our upcoming first release on Emerald & Doreen on 23rd of March 2012. Listen, and if you have a soundcloud user, please comment! Here are the 3-minute-sample-teasers of all the remixes, the original follows...
Kid Machine - Cold Planet

Kid Machine – Cold Planet

One favorite space-italo-disco-electro producing hero Kid Machine made a wonderfully dark remix of our upcoming single “Black Hole”. Stay tuned until we will release it and listen to “Cold Planet”, a great piece of spaced out retro-sci-fi-synth-disco. What else do you need? It is 2011!
Nicolas Chenard - Parallelism

Nicolas Chenard – Parallelism

A wonderfully energetic space-techno production by our French mate with some beautiful cover artwork. M48URW73F9RT
Ali Renault - New album out now!!

Ali Renault – New album out now!!

Ali Renault just released his first album on Cyber Dance Records / London. Click the image to pre-listen to his unique mix of heavy synths and dreamy melodies – and do a good thing today: BUY his record.