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Everything's gonna be alright by "Things Ain't Right" from go nogo

Everything’s gonna be alright by “Things Ain’t Right” from go nogo

It’s a very soothing and conciliatory lyrics to a very solemn backdrop. If it wasn’t for another season, we’d say perfect to come down from pre-Christmas tensions. Though written in anticipation of returning to “your hometown and your family”, there sometimes are feelings of unfinished business with your folks. Well, maybe that is the reason...
All good things go by 3 - Emerald Dreams strikes for the third time

All good things go by 3 – Emerald Dreams strikes for the third time

If you haven’t heard about our compilation-series “Emerald Dreams”, it’s about time to make you acquainted with the most delightful mix of chilled elctronica, tripped-out dreampop and retrofuturistic disco tunes. 21st of June is the day for Part III to be released and it is a perfect timing for the holiday-season. The hassle-free sound sets...
Emerald Dreams Vol. 1- "Sweet Dreams" for your Bedroom Disco

Emerald Dreams Vol. 1- “Sweet Dreams” for your Bedroom Disco

If there’s one concept behind the new compilation-series “Emerald Dreams”, it is “freedom of choice”. The common denominator of all the 13 tracks involved is “musical globalisation”. It is the new expression of genre-bending, a line followed by compilers go nogo, freewheeling artists themselves. As they gaily mash dub, disco, house or broken beats into...